I started my business, Paige Howeth Designsat the age of 11 because I wanted a way to earn an income and also make a positive impact. I really liked jewelry but I never found any that I truly loved wearing until I saw jewelry with natural stones. I instantly knew I wanted to create something from God's natural beauty while keeping it comfortable and classic. It was very important to have my jewelry be the most comfortable, versatile necklace you own, that can literally go from sleep, to the beach, and to dinner without ever being removed.

I started with the idea of wearing something that, through its own natural beauty, reminds us of all that's good in the world!  I set out to create jewelry that empowers the wearer to be the best version of themselves, while gracefully enhancing their own natural beauty. For centuries, pure natural gemstones have held the highest honor in many cultures and were considered a necessity in living a more positive, spiritual, and physically healthy life. With each necklace, you will receive a description of fun positive attributes that the stone has been associated with throughout history. 


All of my products are handcrafted in my studio by me, Paige Howeth, with the finest materials available sourced from around the world. I feel the unique naturally occurring internal beauty seen in each of my handpicked stones reflects our individual differences and the importance of looking beyond the surface in finding our own personal inner beauty. I hope you love each one as much as I do!

The Paige Howeth logo is called the eternal knot, an ancient symbol related to karma. It is not unique to my company and does not set me apart from everyone else like logos are usually intended, but instead symbolizes something much more infinite interconnectedness that we all share with each other.

Positive Vibes
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